Primorski skladi, d.o.o., Koper, Pristaniška 12, 6000 Koper, managed investment funds:

The mutual fund:

 Umbrella fund PSP with subfunds:

Prospectus with Fund Rules and Key investitor information documents are available to investors in Slovene language at headquarter of the company or through the website www.primorski-skladi.si and at all authorised distributers. The investitor can also obtain free of carge copy of the annual and bi-annual reports.

Historical data on returns of the subfunds and mutual funds do not guarantee future returns. Categories of synthetic indicator of risk and reward of subfunds and mutual funds are:

  • FT QUANT - 4,
  • PSP PIKA – 3,
  • PSP ŽIVA – 5,
  • PSP OPTIMA - 5.

Data that are being used for calculation of the synthetic indicator are not necessarily reliable indicator of the investor’s profile of risk in future.  According to actual performance of the subfund and mutual fund the category of risk and reward may vary. The lowest category of risk and reward does not indicate investment without any risk.

Daily find listings are published in Slovenian daily newspapers  (or on their websites) Delo, Dnevnik, Finance Večer, Primorske novice and on the company's website.

The highest subscription fee is:

- the subfunds 5.00 % and
- the mutual fund 5.00 %.

The highest redemption fee is:

- the subfunds 1.00 % and
- the mutual fund 0.00 %.

The costs above reduce the returns of the funds.

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